Butte-y Queen

Though he did lend his voice to mighty-fine Joker at one time.

I like comebacks…most of the time. Actors, musicians, and otherwise talented people who, instead of fading into oblivion, decide to get back on stage and relive their glory days.

Take Harrison Ford…wait, bad example. He had his chance and blew it with the fourth Indiana Jones. Take…Mark Hamill. Sure. That guy hasn’t seen much live action in a good long while. And here he is at age 64 picking up his lightsaber again in Star Wars Episode VII. Sure he might not have a long run of movies, but at least he’s getting back out there.


The Butte Brewing Company could be considered a similar venture, though it’s one that I’m sure will last longer than Mark Hamill’s return to the big screen (no offence Mark). While Butte has an excellent in Headframe Spirits, it’s still been at least 50 years since a brewery has operated in this ole’ mining town.

This establishment opened just this year prior to the summer festival season, and has started to establish itself as a butte-brewing-co-logolocal watering hole. The building itself is 3500 square feet with high ceilings, an event room and an upper floor of tables – leaving lots of room for events and mingling. My favorite part? The brand uses the same logo used by the company more than 50 years ago.


I had the opportunity to test their wares during a recent trip South to celebrate the American turkey day with some family. Currently the brewery offers 7-8 varieties on tap. I found the Rye Ale at first to have a pleasant earthy richness, with a hint of the grain’s unusual mineral finish. I was however, disappointed that I was unable to taste the IPA, which uses an intriguing balance of Simcoe, Centennial and Citra hops with Chinook varieties for bittering the brew.

A collection of pertinent antique beer bottles.

While the Butte Brewery first of the breweries to grace the mining town’s streets, it certainly won’t be the last. Muddy Creek Brewing recently opened. Copper Wild Brewing is also set to open up soon. Not to mention the other 50+ Breweries in the state.

You might be thinking. “50 breweries! That’s a lot to see. Is there a benefit to visiting them all?” Or maybe you’re not. I’m no mind reader. But if you were, the answer is yes.


The Montana Brewery Passport is a worthwhile investment for MT residents who appreciate craft beer. Likewise, it’s a fun project for Canadians who like to hop across the border every so often – for skiing, shopping, or otherwise. Participants who complete their passport by visiting all the open breweries can send in their passport for the official “Montana Brewery Passport” stamp (as pictured above left) as well as a pair of 16 oz. pint glasses, while other prizes are promised to come.


Montana Standard http://mtstandard.com/news/local/butte-brewing-company-open-in-time-for-festival/article_0b75fd99-a370-5f11-9243-fb3dbd399e6f.html

Monana Brewery Passport http://www.montanabrewerypassport.com/faq.html


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