Image courtesy Midtown Kitchen, Calgary
Image courtesy Midtown Kitchen, Calgary

Friends, followers, and new acquaintances: welcome to the Empire Strikes Bock. For those of you that know me,

I’ve taken a long hiatus from writing. For the past year or so I have worked as an intern to advance my career, which gave me little time to write about beer.. Prior to that, my main focus was the Brew Crew column for the Gateway student newspaper at the University of Alberta.

Now that I have settled down with a steady job and have to act like a responsible adult for 40 hours a week, I started to miss writing about my beer-ventures. My mission for this blog is to document my experiments and brag about the ones that worked. Here are some things you can expect:

  • Reviews of a variety of beers, whiskeys, gin, and other beverages that strike my fancy. But mostly beer
  • Weird food. Made with lagers, ales and spirits
  • Visits to various pubs and restaurants with a focus on craft beer
  • The occasional story from my travels. Provided there is a fermented beverage involved

Do not expect:

  • Me to talk about things that are “healthy”, “natural”, “organic” or anything else that implies wholesomeness. Go see a Registered Dietitian, if that’s your thing
  • Me to talk about wine. Go see a sommelier, if that’s your thing
  • Bombardment with pictures of my non-existent children. Google up a Mommy-blogger, if that’s your thing

Be warned – the purpose of this blog is for my own enjoyment more than anything else.

If you want to reminisce about my previous concoctions and musings, check out A Bittersweet Finish, where it all started. Special thanks to my partner-in-crime for the considerably more awesome title and logo.

Drinks, anyone?


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